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Pallet Liners

  • Palletliners


    Palletliners offer a simple solution to a common problem.

    Many pallet users have concerns regarding contamination from mould and dust which is inherent in wooden pallets.  Damp pallets can cause moisture to migrate upwards though the stacked products.

    Palletliners offer a range of coated paper pallet liners to help prevent such migration by isolating the stacked products from the contamination source.

  • Anti Slip

    anti slip pallet liners

    The pallet liners can also be used as interleaving sheets between each layer.

    Choose from a variety of waterproof coatings and we can also offer an anti slip coating to help improve the stability of the pallet stack.

    Pallet liners are easy to use and they can also be applied by automatic palletiser robots.

  • 5,000 Sheets

    bulk pallet liners

    Our pallet liners are a lightweight, cost effective alternative to corrugated layer pads and they can be used to help protect boxes or bags stacked on the pallet.

    We supply the pallet liners bulk packed on pallets and there are up to 5,000 sheets per pallet which saves storage space compared to corrugated layer pads.

  • 2 Grades

    waterproof pallet liners

    The water proof pallet liners are coated on one side with polyethylene to produce a 100% water barrier.

    2 Standard Grades

    (80gsm paper & 15gsm coating)
    5,000 sheets per pallet.

    (175gsm paper & 15 gsm coating)
    3,000 sheets per pallet

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Pallet Liners Manufactured in Manchester UK